Winning Moves in Winter Mahjong

Winter Mahjong is an enjoyable, light-hearted version of traditional Mahjong. You’ll compete against the other players in the same room, and score points by arranging your pairs of tiles in various patterns onto the board – like a puzzle. Your moves are dictated by the layout of your board and by the randomly generated strategy algorithm. Unlike many solitaire games, in which each move must be controlled, Winter Mahjong gives you a number of flexibility. In fact, the random moves are what make it a challenge.

The rules of the game are relatively simple, but the complexity comes from the strategy required to win. Basically, winter mahjong is a solitaire style game in which you must connect identical tiles of different colors, usually red or blue, together in order to make a valid move. There are a few twists, though. First, in the case of mahjong tiles that are identical on both sides, you can move them on the opposite sides of your board to gain a free move – but you lose your chance to connect these identical tiles. Also, if you want to connect three adjacent tiles, you have to connect a dup bonus f12betlicate tile and two unconnected tiles; in this case, three unconnected Realsbet casino tiles are required.

Strategies for winning go beyond simply connecting identical tiles, either across or within their matched pair. You have to think about the probabilities of matching up your pairs correctly – and if you make any mistakes along the way, you’ll end up hurting yourself. For example, consider that a player has a good possibility of hitting a double score when he matches up identical tiles of the same color. If that player would match up a triple score instead, he would have a much greater advantage.