Passenger Test

When preparing to test for your CDL, there are numerous endorsements you can consider adding to it. One such endorsement you can earn is one to operate passenger vehicles. With this endorsement, you’ll be certified to operate a vehicle carrying 16 or more passengers, including yourself.

The passenger endorsement is one of the three types of endorsements you can have featured on your commercial learner’s permit (CLP). Having the passenger endorsements on your CLP can go a long way toward your earning a “P” on your CDL when it’s time to take the test. CLP endorsements allow you to gain experience operating a vehicle under the watchful eye of an instructor without the pressure of passengers, enabling you to build your confidence prior to testing.

When training to pursue your CDL and any accompanying endorsements, it’s important for you to learn, practice and test using the same kind of vehicle that you’re applying to be licensed to operate. Such consistency will also help you avoid any pitfalls caused by certain restrictions when testing to earn your CDL.

Such as when taking any other version of a CDL exam, be sure to arrive with a driver’s license, Social Security card and records of your medical and vision tests. These documents are typically required to ensure you’re physically capable to do the job.

Tri-State CDL Test Center is a third-party testing facility located in Dayton, Ohio. The testing center also happens to be located on the grounds of Ohio Business College’s Truck Driving Academy. The academy features a knowledgeable staff of state-certified CDL examiners who are tested annually to ensure they are current on the latest CDL rules and regulations.

Earning your CDL with a passenger endorsement opens a variety of doors to a fulfilling career driving passenger vehicles. Schedule your CDL test at the Tri-State CDL Test Center today or call us at 937-529-7506 for more information.